The time has come to nominate a supporter that has gone ?above and beyond the call of duty and added that extra special bit of devotion to their Club.? We can?t think of anyone more deserving of this title than Tim Fielding. Tim has been the catalyst for so much activity around BFC from helping form SISA, to the creation of the Blackpool Supporters Trust, to charity activities in the community and so much more.

Given the recent developments at the Club, and the forthcoming litigation against Mr. Fielding and other fans by the Club?s owners, we believe it?s critically important for fans to make a unified statement of backing for Tim.

What better way to do it than nominating him for an honour he has more than earned?

So take a moment and thank Tim for all his hard work and devotion to the fans of Blackpool Football Club by submitting the nomination form. All the details you need are here!


DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Monday 9th February, 2015.



Please take the time and give your own answers to the site?s questions. This will be the most effective way of getting this drive noticed by the Judges. However, we have compiled our answers below as an example. Please feel free to copy and paste whatever you like!


  1. Nominee?s name: Tim Fielding


  1. Club they support: Blackpool


  1. Why they should win the award:

Tim Fielding has been supporting Blackpool Football Club home and away since the late 70?s. He was instrumental in the formation of the club?s independent supporters association (SISA), becoming its Chairman, and more recently he has spearheaded the formation of the Blackpool Supporters Trust, again becoming the Trusts Chair. He was also instrumental in our ground being granted the status of ?asset of community value?.

Tim has sacrificed countless hours of his own time for the good of our community. He has been a model leader, showing eloquence, passion, insight and determination to bring the Blackpool Supporters Trust to life.

Tim has shown Blackpool fans that the game we love is more than 90 minutes ?????every Saturday afternoon. Football is about a group of passionate people that can collectively improve the community that we live in. He has made it clear that big things can be achieved by working together, that fans don’t just support the team, but they support each other – without a strong community, there is no football club.

By mobilizing and galvanizing a large part of our fan base, Tim has set strong foundations for the trust to build on. Tim and the Trust have been active with Charity work involving fundraising for Gary Parkinson and the Children’s charity Variety.

When he is not supporting his beloved Blackpool FC, he has been heavily involved with youth football, volunteering countless hours over the years, mentoring, coaching and providing a role model for the youth of Blackpool to look up to.

Tim is what football is all about – Match day is just a part of it. Rest assured no one has done more for their club this year than Tim. He is a credit not only to our supporters, but to the wider football community.


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