Jose Riga

  • NATA NOISE – September 19, 2014

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    Happy Friday once again, NATA. In this week’s issue you will find pertinent info on the upcoming Brighton match, as well as tidbits dealing with Jose Riga chants, a black kit, Mr. Brett Ormerod joining BST and potential streams for tomorrow’s match. Sweet. READ THE ENTIRE ISSUE HERE

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  • NATA NOISE – August 15, 2014

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    Hello, all. If you’ve had the patience (high insanity level) to keep up with BFC news across the pond you’ll be well aware of the weird week that it was with the club. From only having 4 subs on the bench in the opening league match to a war of words in the press between […]

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  • Exposed.


    In case you missed it today -rather hard to, actually-the national news organizations both here and across the pond have taken to the story of the team with only 8 players?and not a goalkeeper to be seen. That same team has had to cancel their pre-season training in Spain to focus on “player recruitment.” Good […]

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