NATA Member Spotlight – James Guy

James Guy Profile Pic.jpg

I?m an American-born Pool fan that met up with Jeff Hembury in the fall of 2011 on Twitter.? We became fast friends, and started talking about how we could network Seasiders (both exiles and North American-born fans) together into a Supporters? group here on our side of the Seaside.? And hence NATA was born!

I?ve been a Pool supporter since about halfway through our 2009/2010 Championship season, and have been Tangerine ever since.? I spend far too much time listening to and/or watching every match (when we get lucky with a stream), and spend the rest of my weeks on message boards (Back Henry Street being my favorite), and other BFC sites keeping up with all the goings on at the Club.? My family thinks I have pretty much lost the plot in my passion.

Since the formation of the North American Tangerine Army in 2011, I have sent out pre-match newsletters each week with any streaming info and other tidbits of BFC news to members, and worked together with Jeff and all the NATA Seasiders to grow our group and locate new members.

Last Season, I was fortunate enough to be contacted by John Aspinall who does the excellent Seasiders Podcast, and he asked me if I would be willing to assist doing production work on the Podcast.? Of course, I jumped at the opportunity, and? I also help Administrate the Podcast?s Facebook page (which includes making ?Match Comments? and ?Listeners Soapbox? posts weekly.)? It?s something I?ve found really fun and fulfilling to work on.? Those guys are great, and I feel it gives me the opportunity to be more of a part of the Worldwide Tangerine Army and give something back to the Club and it?s supporters I?ve come to love so much.

The coolest thing for me in all of this is all the friends I?ve made along the way, both here in North America and Abroad, and I look forward to meeting more Seasiders as time proceeds!? UTMP!!