NATA Badges Produced!

NATA Badges400

Ok, everyone! In your best ?Blazing Saddles? voice-in-your-mind, say it with me: ?Badges?? Badges?? Hell yeah we?d like to see some NATA Badges!?

These very excellent badges (or as North Americans call them ?lapel pins?) have been created by Blackpool FC Badge-creator extraordinaire Dave Horn and are now available for purchase at all ?Pool home matches.

A few months ago, right around the time we rolled out our new logo and launched this website, Dave contacted us and asked if we would willing to let him create these badges.? After taking a look at all the quality pins he had created over the past several years on his website, it was a no-brainer to see these through!

Check out Dave’s site here!

Here at NATA we are proud to have our organization being represented at Bloomfield Road, and speaking to Dave since their arrival he has told us that they have been selling very well! NATA continues to make a name for itself in the greater worldwide BFC community!BlazingSaddles8x6

You can view the NATA badges on his site under the ?Blackpool Badges? tab and under the ?circular? sub-tab (though they will be moving to the ?Supporters Clubs? sub-tab soon!).

If you are interested in contacting Mr. Horn, you may do so through his?site.

Thanks, Dave for making such awesome badges and for helping spread the word about NATA on the Fylde coast!

Work is continuing to make merchandise for NATA members on this side of the Pond available soon!