• james guy profile pic

    Progress. In all aspects of life, one should aspire for positive momentum forward. Proud Blackpool FC supporter! I love footy and politics…

    Wheeling, WV – USA

    James Guy

  • arthur ockwell

    Blackpool supporter since ………….too long to remember! -Cleveland, Ohio

    Arthur Ockwell

  • Michael Cathcart

    Despite my last name, I’m not related to Craig Cathcart, that I’m aware of at least ;). I love soccer (most sports for that matter) and am currently playing for my local college’s team. -Syracuse, NY

    Michael Cathcart

  • pascoli camel

    Tangerine ’til I die.

    Hello Guv’nor!

    Tampa, FL/Wheeling, WV

    Sean Pascoli


    Expat residing in Phoenix, AZ. An ideal Saturday morning involves pulling on my Pool shirt at 7am PST and listening to the game on Tangerine Player followed by Radio Lancashire?s results round up. A mate of mine says ?a win sets you up for the rest of the day?, how true.

    Martin Grace

  • Kevin B

    Every time I tell people which club I support they ask, “how in the world did you end up supporting BLACKPOOL?!!!” and it makes me “glad all over” again to be part of the Tangerine Army!

    Kevin Bruursema

  • Brian Egan

    I remember first vacation to blackpool in 1979, ever since I have been a fan from a far. Live Free, play hard, love your mom & always wear tangerine…Puyallup, Washington

    Brian Egan

  • Mike Gaire

    Born in Blackpool and been a Blackpool fan since I first started going to games with my Dad in the early 1960?s. Try to get back to Blackpool at least once every 2 years and planning to retire there one day! Somewhere very close to Bloomfield Road!

    Chesterfield, Missouri ( St Louis suburbs)

    Mike Gaire

  • GSP

    Born and raised in the north shore area of Blackpool, John now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. He made a pilgrimage to Bloomfield Road in March 2013 to see his first live match in over 30 years

    John Taylor

  • morty profile pic

    Resides in Wisconsin, USA. Helps out on the NATA site, spends too much time on BHS. Usually listens to matches on the Tangerine Player in the sun room with his dog Mabel.

    Gerald Mortensen

  • jiffdee profile pic

    Co-founder of North American Tangerine Army (NATA). SISA Exiles Officer. HR Pro, PHR. The seagull has landed in Aspen CO. Aspen CO – USA

    Jeff Hembury

  • Blackpool tram in SF

    San Fran Seasiders – more piers but no tower

    Helen Walsh

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