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The North American Tangerine Army is the preeminent supporters group of the?MIGHTY BLACKPOOL FC?in – you guessed it – North America!

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NATA is here to network and connect both exiled and natural-born North American supporters of Blackpool Football Club together. Our goal is to help supporters find other Pool fans in their own areas, as well as connecting with other Seasiders throughout North America to foster friendships and bolster the North American fan base. NATA works to promote Blackpool?FC here across the Pond, and increase awareness of the Football Club its members hold so dear. If you have not done so yet, JOIN US today.


Nick McCardle
John Mepham
Matt Smith
Mark Buckley
Stephen Smith
Craig Wright
Keith Mackenzie Betty
Phil Clegg
Ben Prytherch
Penn Wilbert
Ryan Richardson
Jay B. Tabor
John Scully
Randolph Tagg
John Spender
Helen Walsh
George Glass
Steve Novotney
Michael Cathcart
Alex Ryan
Ian Showell
Danny Howarth
Alexander Earp
Arthur Ockwell
Taylor Kaufman
Devin Mitchell
Kelvin Gwilliam
Bruce Dunham
Brian Egan
Adrienne Albaugh
Anthony Edge
Tyler Cumming
Sean Pascoli
Sam Fielding
Peter Foster
Paul Wilkinson
Nick Banting
Mike Gaire
Mick Chew
Martin Grace
Kevin Bruursema
Justin Hunter
Jon Petersen
John Niehaus
Gregory Gyomlai
Damian Coughlan
Tyler Dellow
John Taylor
Jeff Hembury
Gerald Mortensen
James Guy


Member of NATA and don’t see yourself on the map??Contact us?and we’ll get you on there…